CEO Message

Valean Darou, a Behphar Group subsidiary, has proven its impact on the Iranian healthcare system. This is a direct result of the founder’s vision and hard work of committed leaders.

We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the quality and growth of healthcare provided to the Iranian citizens. The global pharmaceutical industry has been experiencing exponential growth boosted by the emergence of new technologies. It is the mission of Valean to be an active player in bringing this growth to the Iranian market by delivering the highest quality pharmaceutical products to its consumers.

We understand that the current complex economic conditions necessitate a higher level of duty and commitment. Therefore, at Valean, we have assembled a team that not only has the skills and insight but also the courage and passion for making a difference. Our roadmap will evolve but our mission will always be the same: helping every Iranian citizen get the healthcare they need.

With best wishes

Valean Darou History

Valean Darou is deemed as a subsidiary of the parent company, BehPhar group, mostly known as Behestan Darou.
As a result of a meeting between our managers and stakeholders, talking on the country requirements in health area, there was a passion of a new business model to have some new pharmaceuticals be well supplied.
BehPhar main value is to be assured of the best accessibility of every single patient to the best products. So they decide to establish a new company with a fresh team in Valean Darou.
Valean Darou is designed to be a new arm in BehPhar, being active in Pharmaceutical, medical devices and general health cares. For the time being Valean Darou has three business models including direct delivery to clinics and physician’s offices and also is being developed rapidly as it has the BehPhar abilities, Behestan Darou company experiences and passions to become a leader in the market

Valean Darou CSR in 2020

In line with our goals in Valean Darou Company, in the field of corporate social responsibility and also in achieving the goals of Kahrizak Charity, we proudly started Year 2020 in partnership with this Iranian charity.


Valean Darou

Our Responsibilities in Schools Construction

We are now a member of a charity organization, Iran-e-man to construct schools in some deprived areas. We believe each child should have the opportunity to study in a secure and comfortable place. we do our best as a moral duty and the social responsibility to the children in some areas in our country that only because of their birth place they are not able to use the proper place and equipment to study well.

Why elementary school?

Reference studies from world bank declare that the effects of elementary school education on development is twice as much as university educations. Now we have lots of governmental and non-governmental universities are built in the country but less attention is attracted to construction and maintenance of elementary schools. so we need to pay a concentrated attention to this field.

this movement is a tribute of private companies in IRAN and a social responsibility accomplishment to the children that are so far from the educational centers that they are unintentionally excluded from the rest.

The project we are involved currently is constructing schools in Kerman province in Iran. Soon we report here about them. Non-governmental companies in Iran are engaged in such donations closely. Regarding to this, Iran-e-man NGO is established from three years ago to empower  these donations and the first step that has been taken is constructing 100 schools with local standards.Its a movement that the non-governmental companies has started regarding to their social responsibilities to children that do not access to education centers and schools due to their place of living.

We hope relief and happiness for all, especially for children all over the world and we try for this.




Valean Darou

Kahrizak responsibilities

We are involved with a charity institute – Kahrizak which is working for elder patients.

Our elder people need to be hosted kindly and with more patience. they need kindness and caring more rather than money. we, as a Pharmaceutical Company try to help the society to be more healthy and more happy.

Valean Darou for the society

Aligned with our company’s values and due to value creation for our shareholders as an active company in health era, we believe that our social responsibility is beyond supplying the medicine required in the country.

Wherever our people need help for health, it’s a must for us to be present and help. So we started a new collaboration with a charity active in children labor. In this way, we hope you also join us in the movement to make society a better place to live.