We in Valean Darou, using our experiences and capabilities, are focused on hosting new pharmaceutical companies and developing their business in Iran.

At the moment we host all Bausch+ Lomb eye related products: 

Contact Lenses:

  1.      purevision

  2.      Purevision2

  3.      Purevision 2  for Astigmatism

  4.     Purevision 2  for Presbyopia

  5.      Soflens daily disposable

  6.      Soflens Toric

  7.      Soflens 59

  8.     Soflens Natural colors

  9.     Ultra

  10.    BioTrue


Contact lens  solution:

       Renu 60,120,240,360 ml


Dry eye:

  1.       Artelac                                (hypromellose)    Single- dose container eye drops,  Solution

  2.       Liposic                                (carbomer 980)      eye gel

  3.       Artelac Advanced           (hyaluronic acid 0.2%)    Single- dose container eye drops,  Solution

  4.      Sno*tears                            Polyvinyl Alcohol 1.4% w/v

  5.      Renu 8                                 Sterile Isotonic Solution


RX Pharmaceutical:

Lotemax                                        (loteprednol etabonate 0.5%)     Eye Drops,  suspension

Lotemax Ointment                    (loteprednol etabonate 0.5%)       Eye ointment


Eye Vitamins:

Preservision3                              (active nutrients concentrate)     capsule