About hameln pharmaceuticals ltd

hameln pharmaceuticals ltd was founded in 1971 as a specialist supplier of generic injectable medicines to the secondary care sector of the UK National Health Service, Private Hospitals, Wholesalers and International markets.

In the early days, the company was known by its initial name of Phoenix Pharmaceuticals, before being acquired by the Germany company hameln in the 1980s.

Owned by UK qualified pharmacist Christoph Kerstein, hameln remain committed to the reliable provision of cost effective medicines that also reduce the potential for medication errors. Our management team in the UK recently expanded and now has more than 100 years’ national and international experience.

We established a purpose-built distribution facility in Gloucester, in the South West of England, to ensure the continued high level of service and reliability of supply that has become our trademark.

Through targeted investment in new products and by establishing new markets, we intend to further strengthen and grow the portfolio of medicines we provide to patients.



Remifentanil       Dose:1,2,5 mg